Amazon hot style 300w led grow lights high

Amazon hot style 300w led grow lights high
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How specific wavelength works:

Red 620~630nm, 640~680nm---the best spectrum for plant flowering and fruiting;

Blue 430~440nm, 450~480nm--It is maximum peak points for vegetative growth and absorption;

White LEDs -- Full-spectrum / wide-Kelvin provide fill for all missing spectrums and add Lux.

Warm LEDs -- Provide energy,promote plant photosynthesis UV 380~410nm--Process of chlorophyll absorption begins.

UV (ultraviolet) has the unique function of sterilization and kills phytopathogenic bacteria.

IR 710~730nm--There is little absorption by Chlorophyll here, but Phytochrome uses a nice portion.

Flowering and germination is influenced.



Power: 300W Max

Dimension: 258mmx258mmx45mm

Net Weight: 1150g Suggested

Work Time: 12-18 hours per day

Suggested Distance: 11.8-27.6inch Working Area: 2㎡ Max

Wattage: 90-140V / 175-265V 50/60Hz

Shell Material: Aluminum+PC Attention

Please: - Do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is on. - not water-proof, Indoor use only. - The IR (Infrared) and UV LEDs are look dim, not faulty LEDs. - Do not use it close to the hot or heat source, keep it far away from the corrosive gas. - Surrounding temperature: MUST less than 40℃.

Package include:

1 x LED Grow Light 1 x Free hanging kit

1 x Free Power Cord Worldwide

Power Cord (US, EU,UK, AU Plug according to your country)